Hey there! I’m Nicole (she/her)! I’m a naturalist, illustrator, and the creator of Fossil Forager, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I’ve always been incredibly passionate about wildlife throughout my childhood and early adulthood, which lead to me pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in ecology & evolutionary biology. While in university, I rekindled my love for drawing and painting and started sharing my work online, which eventually lead to me starting the Fossil Forager brand of nature-themed designs & products in 2020.

The Fossil Forager brand is for all nature lovers, from hobbyists to scientists.

I hope to inspire compassion and curiosity for wildlife through my work, whether that be through my illustrations or product designs. Invertebrates make up 97% of all living animals, yet are far less represented in everyday conversation and popular culture than other animals. I think they deserve their spotlight 🦋

When I’m not running my small business or working on new art, I’m tending to my houseplants, exploring tide pools, looking for salamanders, unwinding with video games, watching animated films, or visiting my local museums and curiosity shops. I’ve also worked as an animal keeper and field biologist monitoring monarchs and milkweed in Marin County.

I am currently seeking freelance illustration opportunities in science communication & publishing. If you would like to work together, please send me an inquiry through the contact form!

You can follow my work on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Bluesky. For more behind-the-scenes content and to support my work further, you can join my Patreon and receive a monthly sticker for each month you’re subscribed.

For wholesale inquiries for your brick and mortar shop, please contact me through the contact form and we’ll be in touch!